The Bridal Shop

Welcome to our exclusive Anton Heunis Bridal Shop, where you can alter and modify any existing Anton Heunis jewel to create the perfect piece for such a special day. You have two options: coming to our showroom so we can help you find your jewel or make an online consultation and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Come see us

  • Please, book an appointment to come see us to our showroom in the heart Madrid
  • Drop by and, together, we'll find exactly what you are looking for among the hundreds of available styles
  • Change stones, colors, platings and other elements to design your very own Anton Heunis custom jewel. The combinations are endless!

Make a consultation

  • Please, write to us stating the type of jewel you are looking for, the colors, an approximate budget and when you need it delivered
  • Our design team will review your request and you will get an answer withing days
  • Once the design is approved, payment will be due and the piece will be produced to your liking

The Bride

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The Mother of The Bride

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The Bridesmaids

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The Guests

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